We’ve all been there, intrigued by a particular job posting, our interest peaked ever so slightly. Sometimes we even score a direct hit on the job fit meter and work ourselves up into a fit of excitement, envisioning ourselves in that particular role, holding the imaginary paycheck high up in our minds eye to admire the numbers before the decimal point. Then we find the shiny large “Apply Now” button on the screen and smash it excitedly, ready to share our skills and experience with a potential new employer.

This action can go one of two ways. Sometimes we are presented with a simple, easy application screen – and if we are lucky – one that imports our information directly from our resume or Linkedin. From there, our phone rings soon thereafter from someone acknowledging our interest and application.

Or, more often than not, we are sent job apply limbo. A soulless, vapid space of web forms and text entry boxes, job history screens, and cover letter uploads. In all seriousness, who remembers the exact month they stopped working in 1999? Who can recall the current name and phone number of a reference offhand, now twice removed from their former company affiliation? And how do we know what someone will do with that information once received?

Yes, as a job seeker, it has become increasingly more difficult to apply to many positions today. And it seems the larger the company, the more hoops we have to jump.

So after spending what seems like an eternity completing the forms, we hit send

…wait for it
…wait for it…






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It’s happened to you, right!

Essentially, technology has created a great wall between hiring and employees that often times seems insurmountable. Part of this is by design, HR wants to weed out those who aren’t fully invested in the application process so they have fewer resumes to go through. Only those with a real interest will stick out the process. Which makes sense on the surface, but fails to find the best person for the job.

This is where we come in. As a staffing agency, we serve as a liaison between you and an employer. They hire us to find the best candidates who are ready and able to begin a new job. It therefore stands to reason that it is in our best interest to understand your job requirements before new jobs open up and present you directly to those jobs in which you would be an excellent fit. In other words, we can bypass the great job apply divide with our network of personal relationships with candidates and employers.

Our terrific Team of Masiello Employment recruiters can work with you on a more personal level than an online job system. We are here to guide, advise, and connect you with jobs that you will do well in, as well as provide feedback as best we can. It’s in our best interest, and it’s our job.

And yes, we too have an online application form, but it is very simple – and we offer the lead recruiters email, phone and Linkedin account so you can contact them directly.

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So next time you find yourself online, resume in hand, excited for a role but anticipating that empty feeling inside after you apply – remember to pick up the phone or send that resume along to us and see what we can offer in the way of personalized service to help you land your next job.