team-buildingFor many hiring managers, having a dream team can feel a bit as the name implies…like a dream. But it doesn’t have to be!

Your dream team can be a reality – if you’re willing to look beyond the skills!

While it is extremely important to find individuals who are capable and qualified for a job, what makes a group of workers go from simply being a team to being a “dream team” is more than just skill.

Here are some additional areas to consider when looking to build your dream team:

  • Personality. While a team of leaders sounds great in theory, it could lead to problems if every member of a team is a take charge type. It’s important to have a balanced group of personalities – risk-takers, decision-makers, cautious-types, extroverts, and introverts, technical-types, analytical-types…  Diverse personalities will ensure that your team looks at a situation from multiple angles and will ultimately be to your advantage!
  • Effective communication. Communication is key to successful business operations. While people have different preferred communication styles, it is important that your team members be effective communicators and comfortable expressing their thoughts and opinions.  A steady ebb and flow of ideas and opinions will keep things fresh and innovative.
  • Willingness to learn.  A desire and willingness to learn should be a quality every member of your team possesses. Times change, and in order for your business to be successful and remain relevant, employees must be willing to learn and adapt.  They should be open to feedback and see it as an opportunity to grow and not as a personal criticism.
  • Values. Work ethic, integrity, accountability, willingness to help… your team should ideally possess these core traits.
  • Passion. It is important to build a team with individuals who are passionate about the product, the company, and the work they will be doing. Passion is what is really going to help keep your employees motivated and your workplace fun and exciting.

If you are looking to start building your dream team, or are in the process of building it, don’t hesitate to reach out to a staffing firm for help.

Recruitment firms have the tools and resources to help you find top talent. Attracting, screening, interviewing, and hiring are their specialties, so if you haven’t partnered with a staffing provider yet, reach out to one.

At Masiello, we can help you find a workforce best-suited to your business and help you build your dream team! If you find yourself hiring new staff, or are simply interested in more information, contact our expert staffing and recruiting team. We’d love to tell you how our services can benefit your organization.