Sometimes a candidate is just a clear leader, and that is the case with this individual. In past roles, they have been rapidly promoted to leadership positions. Their experience includes managing large teams and overseeing inventory for a high-level eCommerce enterprise. Thanks to several powerful mentorship experiences, this candidate possesses great skills in building and sustaining strong teams with good morale. In a previous position, this thoughtful leader received one of the highest survey scores in the company from their employees.

This candidate, who is passionate about inventory and about people, is seeking a role in the greater Keene area and is open to a position in the Brattleboro area or in Western, MA. Willing to work remotely or on-site and self-described as someone who “isn’t afraid to get their hands dirty.” If you’re growing enterprise could use the insight of a future-focused Logistics Manager, this candidate would be an excellent fit. Want to know more? Get in touch today!