Burnout at WorkIt’s true that work is honestly a lot of…work. But has your work become a stressful burden where you just can’t keep up? Is it affecting your overall well-being? It may be time to consider if you are experiencing burnout. Everyone deserves to work in a position that fulfills and inspires them. A job that works within your lifestyle needs. A job you are successful in.

Happily, when that is not the case, there are other options out there. At Masiello Employment Services, our Staffing Managers are dedicated to matching job seekers with great employment opportunities where they can thrive. We understand that everyone is unique, with their own style, skills and abilities. We care about listening to your career goals and helping you find the right employer and position for you. 

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What is Burnout?

Unhappily, burnout is real and experiencing it can be debilitating. It stifles your ability to do your job well. Burnout can surface as exhaustion, cynicism or even loss of self-confidence or job performance. It can stem from all kinds of sources, such as not being connected to your company’s culture or being under (or over) qualified for the required tasks. It can even be as simple as not liking or not having enough time to complete assigned tasks. 

But just because you’re burned out doesn’t mean you have to walk away. It’s prudent to problem-solve to see if you can get back to what you liked about the job when you accepted the offer. Consider meeting with management to discuss changes that could help you. You never know where an open dialogue may lead. 

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On the other hand, maybe you’ve hit a wall with problem-solving or the situation is simply out of your control. Most people experience burnout due to:

➡ Overly high workloads

➡ Low amount of job control

➡ Workplace bullying

➡ Poor management or organizational resources

➡ Stressed or negative company leaders

➡ Or low office civility or social support.

So let’s shine a light on how to know it’s time to start job searching.

High Turnover Rates

You may not be the only one affected by negative energy around the office. If there are multiple open desks or people tend to give their notice shortly after being hired, that’s a sign that burnout is rampant and may be out of your control. 

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Work Should Highlight Your Strengths

Feeling successful at work means enjoying what you do because you are good at it. When you frequently get assigned tasks you do not enjoy or do not match your qualifications, it’s easy to become disconnected or discouraged.

Aligning Values to Company Culture

It’s important to believe in the work that you do and connect with the big picture of your company. That means not only should you feel comfortable with the people and environment within your workspace, you should also feel like your work matters. 

Taking a Look at Long-Term Success

Believing that you have potential to climb that “corporate ladder,” gain new skills and abilities, and advance your career from within your current position is imperative to being inspired at your job. So, if your long-term potential is tough to imagine, you may feel like you’re treading water at work rather than thriving.

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Believe in Yourself

If you think you may be experiencing burnout and are ready to see what opportunities are out there, contact our professional Staffing Managers today. We will walk by your side, coaching you through every step of the way until you secure your next dream job. We love helping great people connect with positions where they can grow and succeed!