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The job market has now been in a tailspin triggered by the global pandemic for more than a year. Many have unexpectedly lost jobs or watched their careers suffer. A lot of people have turned to a temp agency for short-term employment to make ends meet, but you might be surprised by how many of those short-term roles have led to longer-term opportunities. 

What is a Temp Agency?

A temporary employment agency, or temp agency, assists companies in hiring employees for short-term positions. These staffing firms recruit, screen, and interview potential candidates for the companies they serve. This helps to find quality candidates for quick hiring. 

Temporary employment jobs are generally set for a short-term contract or period of time. A company may need extra help for the holiday season or to cover for a full-time employee’s unexpected illness.

The companies cover the temp agency fees and the service is free to job seekers. A temp job ends when the employee is no longer needed, unlike a permanent part-time position. 

A recent study by Gartner showed that temp jobs have gained popularity as a way to cut costs in the post-COVID economy with 32% of companies replacing full-time employees with temporary workers. 

Why Take a Temp Job?

woman working temp agencyTemp jobs may not be everyone’s ideal choice, but they have definite benefits. First, they can keep the bills paid while offering meaningful employment in a person’s field. Temp jobs are also useful for someone who may want to change career paths or explore a new field. 

Newly graduated job-seekers can use a temp job to gain experience as they search for full-time employment. These positions can also be a great option for filling employment gaps caused by COVID-19-related job loss. 

An added benefit is the opportunity to network and make employment connections. A temp agency placement could get your foot in the door with a company for a full-time position down the road. 

Keep an Open Mind about Temp-to-Hire Positions

Temporary positions can develop into permanent positions either purposely or if an employee makes a good impression over the length of the contract. These temp-to-hire positions can last a longer period of time with the possibility of a permanent hire agreement, which ends the contract with the temp agency. 

This option also allows employers to evaluate employees on-the-job before committing to a full-time hiring decision. It’s a great try-it-before-you-buy-it path for both employees and employers alike. 

More than Just a Temp Agency

accounting job temp agencyMasiello is a regional leader when it comes to temporary staffing, but our services go far beyond those of a temp agency. Masiello also provides a temp-to-hire service to help employers reduce turnover and improve their cost-to-hire ratios.  

In addition, Masiello recruits highly skilled, full-time employees for direct hire staffing. This allows a company to focus on its core business as Masiello handles the process of recruiting, screening, and evaluating potential job candidates. We then connect the most qualified candidates to the company for a final evaluation.

These additional services put Masiello miles ahead of agencies that focus solely on temporary positions. Thanks to the pool of outstanding companies we partner with, we’re able to offer a candidate multiple paths to new employment. While you may have walked through the door searching for a temp job to get you through a tough patch, what you find could be so much more.   

Ready to pursue a new temporary, temp-to-hire or direct hire opportunity? Reach out to the expert team at Masiello Employment Services to learn more about available positions and our employer services.