Team Building Brattleboro Vermont

Start the new year with a strong, cohesive staff by hitting the trails in Brattleboro, Vermont for a little team building. Now is the perfect time of year to beat the winter blues, form solid connections, and get your company set up for its best year yet!

Kickstart Your Company for 2022

At Masiello Employment Services, we recognize the importance of team building. We appreciate how having fun with co-workers outside the workplace increases employee communication, motivation, and collaboration. Higher productivity results from a strong, well-knit team with solid problem-solving skills and communication. 

Positive Work Atmosphere

It’s about being able to laugh with co-workers and knowing that you’re in it together. It’s genuinely feeling that you’re on the same team and have each other’s backs. That’s what makes for a positive and enjoyable work environment. But how do you form these connections? Take time outside of work. Give individuals the opportunity to share stories, learn to appreciate one another, and form lasting relationships.

People Skiing

But Wait, It’s Freezing Outside!

New Englanders are well-versed at bundling up and braving the chilly temps in order to enjoy some gorgeous winter sunshine. Brattleboro, Vermont is brimming with fantastic outdoor recreation that will get your team moving and motivated. 

Be Prepared

This town is renowned for its winter sports that are approachable for all levels of experience and interest. Burrows Specialty Sports can even outfit your group with rentals for various winter activities if needed. You should remember to check with any facility or event for up-to-date information before heading out. This is especially important with winter weather and changing Covid-19 protocols.

Ski Jump Brattleboro Vermont

Harris Hill Ski Jump Photo Credit Jared and Corin from Wikimedia Commons

Harris Hill Ski Jump 

Right around the corner, you can find the only 90-meter ski jump in New England and one of six like it in the entire USA. Your staff will be thrilled by the amazing annual event at the Harris Hill Ski Jump Competition scheduled for Sunday, February 20, 2022. Or maybe some of those among your staff are even brave enough to give it a go!

Friesians of Majesty

North of Brattleboro by 30 minutes, is a farm full of stunning, unicorn-esque Friesians. These equines are ready to take your team on a sleigh ride across the farm’s beautifully groomed property. It’s a great opportunity to create memories and conversation amongst your team members. And it’s both different and relaxing.

Ice Skating

Time-Honored Traditions

Ice Skating in New England goes back as far as we do. Brattleboro boasts a lovely indoor ice rink, Nelson Withington Skating Facility, at its “Living Memorial Park.” Or if your team is on retreat, try The Inn on Putney Road. You can enjoy ice skating at their very own Retreat Meadows pond. You can also head out by snowshoe or cross-country ski from the B & B to over 15 miles of trails only minutes away from downtown Brattleboro.  

Snow Tube

Grafton Trails and Outdoor Center 

Snow tubing, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and sleigh rides are all great team building options that can all be found at the Grafton Trails and Outdoor Center. For something extra special and a true bonding experience, treat your team to one of their Wine & Cheese Snowshoe Tours!  Maybe you’ll even find potential new leaders. Getting active together gives individuals a chance to demonstrate their unique skills and naturally share with one another.

Mount Snow

Photo Credit: Mount Snow Wikimedia Commons

Chills and Thrills

Get your team cruising with speed-loving alpine skiing and snowboarding on Vermont’s iconic local mountains. Mount Snow stands with four distinct mountain faces just 30 minutes from Brattleboro in West Dover. This beloved summit has everything from lessons to half pipes. Another perk is that The Moover can transport your crew to Mount Snow from Brattleboro, so you can sit back and enjoy the ride. Check out the schedule of free daily excursions across southern Vermont.

Be Inspired

Don’t let your team get bogged down in a January slump. Instead, take action and schedule a fun wintery adventure. Brattleboro, VT is packed with tons of terrific places to go, do, and get to know one another. Let nature fill your staff with fresh creativity and cooperation. Some light-hearted, competitive spirit down the slopes or on the ice will make for a year full of fun memories.

At Masiello, our cohesive team of staffing managers work enthusiastically every day to help companies achieve their best. By understanding people, their motivations and what it takes for employees to succeed, our staffing managers excel at designing long-term staffing solutions. We would love to work with you. Contact us now to make the most of 2022!