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Businesses run on the people who build them. You want your team to be efficient, positive, proactive, and cohesive. This means having a connected staff that can support each other through challenges and successes. An important way to build a unified team is through team appreciation. 

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Season of Gratitude

Employees work better when they feel valued. An appreciated employee who understands the integral role they play in the company produces work using positive energy rather than wasting energy on negativity. 

Autumn is the perfect chance to spend quality company time together, appreciating your hard-working team and experiencing some well-earned fun. It’s time to give thanks for everyone’s efforts, energies, and enthusiasm throughout the year. 

Team Appreciation in Peterborough

An ideal place to get away from the routine of the daily grind is the town of Peterborough, which truly has something special for all. Working with companies and qualified job seekers in that region, we at Masiello Employment Services, would love to share some of the stunning and unique things to enjoy there. 

Pleasurable Paddling

If your team loves to keep things active, enjoying the great outdoors together is the perfect recipe for some team building time. In autumn, Peterborough’s MacDowell Lake is a stunning backdrop for a kayaking or canoeing adventure together. 

Drop-in from the convenient launch area located directly adjacent to the parking lot. Then take in the expanse of indigo water as you set off. Navigating by canoe with a co-worker is a fine time to connect about day-to-day life and learn more about your fellow team members. The same can be said of kayaking side-by-side while checking out the wildlife and leaving work behind. 

Autumn Leaves and Crisp Fall Breeze

If you’re feeling something more land-based, Peterborough and the surrounding towns are also overflowing with hiking opportunities. For any easy stroll, MacDowell has beautiful walking paths along the lake. There are also pavilions that can be rented for a group meal and celebration. 

Across town, Sheiling Forest, a 45-acre property that was donated for its preservation also offers easy hiking but with an even woodsier feel. Streams, bridges, and boulders mark the trail and make a great environment for meaningful conversation. 

Feeling bigger and bolder? Maybe it’s mountain time. Just up Rt. 101, you’ll find Miller State Park, with trails leading up Pack Monadnock. It’s a quality, moderate hike and noteworthy scenic views from the summit. There’s nothing quite like reaching the top of a mountain together to bring things into perspective for a team. Share a meal at the peak and maybe learn something new about your cubicle-mates.

Temple Mountain is also just across the way. This former ski area now provides a moderate, 5 or 6-mile hike to the top. It’s a rocky but intriguing trek, especially when it comes to tree and plant life. The summit is more wooded, but you can sneak a peek at some stellar views along the trail.

Of course, we couldn’t leave out Monadnock itself. Though there are various trails that lead up this famous mountain (one of the most-climbed in the world!). But the main entrance is located one town over in Jaffrey. A challenging but worth-it hike, this mountain will leave your team with plenty of memories to talk about back in the office. Cross your fingers for a nice clear day. You may even get to gaze out at Boston while you soak in your summit experience!

team hike

First Friday Fun

Perhaps something less physical but plenty social is what’s in order. If that’s the case, why not take advantage of Peterborough’s lively First Friday activities? On the first Friday of every month, head downtown for art pop-ups, late-night shopping and special offers, live music appearances, and of course tons of food and drink options. 

Pair up with co-workers to explore all this vibrant town has to offer. Then regroup for a tasty meal at a great eatery like the riverside Waterhouse or the Irish-inspired Cooper’s Hill Public House, both nestled in the heart of Depot Square. There’s a nearly electric energy in the air on this special night each month. Take it all in and take each other up on the chance to connect. 

Make it a Retreat

Sometimes what a team needs to drive its mission forward, is a time of retreat together to reflect and look ahead. This can be especially true for leadership teams who invest in keeping an entire organization engaged and successful each day. 

If this sounds like the kind of experience to truly show your team appreciation, Stepping Stones Farm & Event Center in nearby Temple, NH. It’s an exceptional rural, relaxed atmosphere for just such a gathering. 

Whether it’s for a day of bonding, an overnight session for intensive planning, or a training workshop, this place offers plenty of space to nurture fresh ideas, boost employee morale, and strengthen company connection.

Take advantage of the Center’s spacious lodges and enjoy some laughs as you interact with the animals or sit around the campfire. The vastness of the countryside here diminishes work challenges, nourishes relationships, relaxes stresses, and renews the soul.

Team celebration

From Our Team To Yours

We hope we’ve inspired you to treat your team to a special experience during this season of gratitude. At Masiello Employment Services, we understand that team appreciation is essential to a healthy work environment and that experiencing the great outdoors and tapping into your community are smart ways to grow a better, more robust, more cohesive business. 

Peterborough, NH and its surrounding towns make up just one of the many areas we serve. We also place qualified job candidates in positions throughout the entire Monadnock Region, Southern Vermont, and Western Massachusetts. If you’re looking to successfully fill temporary, temp-to-hire or direct hire positions, we know what it takes to make a business team thrive! Invest in your company, coworkers, and people to build a stronger business. Start today with help from the Masiello team!