While it’s certainly important for hiring managers to assess and make decisions based on experience and qualifications, assessing a candidate’s cultural fit to the organization should be a part of the hiring process.


Because cultural fit is extremely important.

People with the same set of technical skills and experience may possess entirely different personalities, values and attitudes. And you need to be certain that the individual you hire is someone whose values and personality align with both the company values and the rest of the team.

Not convinced that it’s important?

Here are three reasons why hiring for cultural fit should be part of your process:

  • You can train for skill, but you cannot train for fit. Values and personality cannot be taught. They are inherent to a person. If someone has the skills to do the job, but does not possess the personality or attitude to get along with a team, or does not have the same values as the company, more problems may arise than benefits to bringing that individual onboard. Whereas if you hire someone who has most of the skills to do the job and you know they will get along well and have the same values as the organization, the missing technical skills can be taught.
  • You will likely experience less turnover hiring for fit. Hiring based on experience and qualifications alone does not guarantee that the placement will last. If someone is not the right fit for your company, either they will not be happy on the job and quit, or the employer will eventually have to let them go. Taking the time to determine whether someone is right for your organization will save you time and money, and will likely increase profitability for your business.
  • If you hire for fit, you will likely be hiring a more motivated and engaged employee. While it can be tricky to determine who will be a highly engaged and motivated employee, by hiring someone with similar values and who supports the company mission, you are more likely to be hiring someone who wants to see the company succeed. They are more likely to have and share ideas to help the company grow. They will be more “bought-in” and more likely to go above and beyond to promote the company and ensure company success.

Having trouble making successful hiring decisions? You might want to consider partnering with a staffing provider. They will be able to provide you with some valuable hiring insight as well as help you find the right fit for your organization.

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