Work wear

Selecting the appropriate outfit for your next interview is a crucial step in setting yourself up for success. You know that first impressions are a big deal. So what’s the best work wear choice from your closet for an interview? 

At Masiello Employment Services, we help people with all stages of interview preparation every single day. From practicing interview answers to contacting hiring managers, we are here to help you make your best next career move. And that is the first thing to consider when staring at your closest searching for the perfect interview attire.

professional business clothes

Choose Your Work Wear for the Career You Want

It’s recommended to dress slightly more professional than the company dress code. This way, your future employee sees that right from the get-go, you’re prepared to integrate into the company culture. 

Pro-Tip: If you are unsure about what the company dress code may be, check with your Staffing Manager at Masiello. 

For instance, if you are looking for a job in finance, business attire is the name of the game. A suit jacket with a button-down shirt, tie, professional skirt or dress will show you mean business. On other hand, if you are applying for physically active work in the light industrial industry, professionally dress the part. Always appear tidy and clean, but if you wear sturdy shoes with stain and tear-free work pants, the hiring staff will see that you understand the demands of the job. 

Pro-Tip: Unlike other job sectors,  light industrial positions sometimes allow nice, clean jeans on the job.

woman on job interviewThe Low-Down on Business Casual

You may find some company dress codes to be business casual. This means look polished and professional, but you can skip the tie and suit jacket. Many start-ups, for example, allow staff a more relaxed dress code. Think relaxed-fit khakis, nice pants, a knit-sweater or button-down long-sleeve shirt.

professional teamAlso called non-professional attire, steer clear of anything actually non-professional. Nothing you would wear to the gym, the beach, or the club. Stay away from distractions caused by attire, like torn jeans, athleisure, or outfits that leave lots of skin exposed.

Entry-level and Internship Work Wear

Even though you are just starting out, presenting your best self with clean, professional clothes tells your interviewer you are ready to work. Even with internships, it is still important to work within the company culture. While your closet may not be bursting with suit jackets and professional blouses, find something nice without breaking the bank. Tidy, hole-free, and clean goes a long way to say you’re here to learn and collaborate. Starting out on the right set may even set you up long term for a full-time position. 

Selecting Stellar Accessories 

How you style your accessories affects your overall professionalism. It may even depend on the job you want. Many physically demanding industries and dress codes limit possibly dangerous items, such as dangling jewelry. If you want to look the part, consider what your style says. 

smiling womanYou know your best hairstyle. The one that makes you feel calm and confident. The one you always get compliments on. As far as jewelry goes, less is more. Make sure it compliments your attire and doesn’t overwhelm your outfit or distract from your skills and experience. Regarding makeup, avoid overdoing it. Think blending rather than conspicuous or glittery. 

Make the Most of Our Experience

With the goal of impressing your interviewer, show up in work wear that spells out success. Deciphering what is appropriate or not, depicting their company culture, advising applicants on interview prep, and setting you up for success is what we do best. Let our professional Staffing Managers get you ready for your ideal career move. Connect with us today!