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Last year, the Staffing Managers at Masiello Employment Services experienced the impact of partnering with Monadnock Center for Violence Prevention, MCVP. We were amazed by how MCVP provided support for the family we helped to serve and the community as a whole. This season of giving, we wanted to once again, provide some much-needed cheer to another family. And we also wanted to bring awareness to the critical work being done by MCVP.

Read our blog “Making the Holidays Merrier with the Monadnock Center for Violence Prevention,” from last December, for Ways to Learn and Ways to Help through MVCP. In it, we discussed how adults, teachers, parents, co-workers, and businesses can all learn ways to prevent interpersonal violence through the MVCP’s training programs. Their initiatives address recognizing boundaries, how to know when they are crossed, developing coping skills, building self-esteem, and preventing abuse. 

Educating Youth and Beyond

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You’ll find their free educational outreach in colleges and elementary through high schools. These comprehensive programs include parents and teachers. They have been shown, according to Katrina Nugent, Prevention Education Program Director at MCVP, to “increase morale in students, some more connectedness to the school and a better sense of belonging.” In a Keene Sentinel article written by Molly Bolan, Nugent said, “Abusive behaviors are learned, and they’ve learned at an early age. Through prevention, we can stop that.”

sexual assault If you think this daily and present issue is only in someone else’s community, businesses or schools, consider the statistics. According to MCVP, one in four girls and one in six boys by the age of eighteen will be exposed to sexual violence. Women who experience child sexual abuse are at two to thirteen times higher risk for a second sexual assault later in life. With awareness, education and commitment, we can end this cycle. 

WorkPlace Programs

Violence prevention programs can have a powerful impact on the work environment. A company culture of inclusivity is vital for a highly productive business. That means a culture where every voice is respected and people feel safe to be authentic and honest. Consider how interpersonal relationships affect your work and productivity. How focused can an employee be if they can’t feel safe at work, at home, or in their community? 

MCVP shared that “ninety-six percent of employees who were survivors of domestic violence reported some type of workplace problem as a direct result of their abuse. More than 60% were often late, 54% missed at least three full days of work per month, work performance suffered for 70% of the survivors, 60% were reprimanded for diminished performance, and 30% were fired. (NY Victim Services; US Dept of Labor)”

MCVP’s Domestic Violence in the Workplace initiative, an education and outreach program, was developed to offer businesses and organizations a framework for how their teams can address interpersonal violence. Read more about their Workplace Programs. 

Being Part of the Solution

Masiello Employment ServicesUntil we’ve succeeded in violence prevention, we wanted to make this holiday a little bit easier for one family that has faced interpersonal violence. So our team did a bit of shopping to collect needed items they may have otherwise gone without. 

At Masiello, we believe it’s our responsibility to change the world of work. That starts with everyone feeling safe. We believe in individual initiative and dignity, which begins with respect. We believe in building successful, reciprocal relationships, which cannot be formed through fear and abuse of power. 

It’s our mission to create new opportunities for success in the workplace, every day. We believe in the wonderful people in this great community and our network of businesses helping it thrive! If you’d like staffing solutions from a company who believes in you, connect with us today. 

If you know of or are experiencing interpersonal violence, call the 24/7 Toll Free Line: 1-888-511-MCVP. They are there to help and you do not have to be in crisis to call.