Covered bridges are easily one of small-town New England’s most eye-catching, heart-warming symbols of times gone by—and, arguably, they are most appealing set against a backdrop of colorful fall foliage.

A bit of Yankee ingenuity, some say covered bridges were originally created to offer protection from the elements, while others say their barn-like appearance lessened the fear of farm animals crossing rivers.

Whichever story rings true for you, there remain 54 covered bridges in New Hampshire, each one unique and uniquely charming.

And we love them dearly! As you know, Masiello Employment is located in Keene, NH, and while there are no covered bridges in our fair city, we are close to several, including this cluster of six covered bridges in Swanzey, NH. Pictured above is Sawyer’s Crossing Bridge / Cresson Bridge located on Causeway Road in Swanzey.

Fall is an especially great time to take a tour of covered bridged in southwestern New Hampshire. If you’re keen on seeing all 54, here are some great tips from USA Today on how to get to each one; if you’d rather limit your quest to the most notable, check out these suggestions for the top 18 covered bridges in New Hampshire.

Once you’ve caught the covered bridge bug, expand your experiences: read Conrad Young’s The Book of NH Covered Bridges, and consider buying one of his covered bridge watercolors . . . start training now to race in next year’s Swanzey Covered Bridge Half Marathon . . . and plan to attend next year’s Covered Bridge Dance in Jackson, NH (and, of course, book a stay at Jackson’s Covered Bridge Riverview Lodge).

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