Staffing is a lot like dating. (There, we said it!)

An interview is essentially a professional blind date, and, often, it’s either a good fit or it’s a total disaster. Ultimately, you can leave it up to fate, or you can entrust your search to a professional matchmaker like us! It will come as no surprise to learn that we at Masiello Employment suggest you go the professional matchmaker route. In this scenario, we’re the® of your professional life.® connects individuals, and connects individuals with opportunities. Their site gets to know your unique style and personal goals to make a match, and our team of expert recruiters gets to know your unique style and professional goals to make a match. Sure, rejection can play a part in both experiences, but the struggles are quickly forgotten once you meet “the one.”

Of course, there are two major differences between® and (beyond the obvious): (1) You’ve got to pay to get on®, while the assistance provided by Masiello Employment is provided to job seekers without charge, and (2) We don’t need a collection of your photos from 1999!

Ready to meet the one (your one ideal job, that is)? Give Masiello Employment a call today; our recruiting team is available for a free consultation.