After hearing some great feedback on last week’s blog regarding outdoor exercise opportunities, we decided to kick it up a notch by providing some outlets for those of you here in the Monadnock region to enjoy. When we say that we want you to be and feel your best – at work or at home – we really aren’t kidding! Here are some choice selections for you to make the most of your time outside.

Snow Sports: Skiing/Cross-Country Skiing/Tubing/Snowshoeing: With snow comes many, many opportunities to get outside and enjoy it a little! 

Granite Gorge

Crotched Mountain

Windblown XC –

Walking/Biking: Pathways for Keene is a nonprofit dedicated to creating new pathway construction projects, matching city funding dollar for dollar. 

Hiking. Mount Monadnock is an incredible and wildly popular hike for those who really want to conquer a mountain. Or choose Pack Monadnock in Miller State Park for a lighter version of this super-popular trek – that just so happens to offer amazing views of Monadnock:

Running. Body and Soul Road Runners is a Keene based running club for runners of all abilities and motivations and the Keene runners are a Facebook group to keep you connected with other local runners and running events:

Cycling. With so many great trails and country roads to cruise on, the possibilities are endless. Here’s a couple of biking resources to get you outfitted for your ride: 

Kayaking. We love our access to remote waters. And there is no better way to experience them than from a kayak:

Swimming. Go ahead, get crazy, combine your paddling adventures with a swim, or choose an indoor venue. There are so many places to take a dip:

Bonus: Golf. Sure, you can cheat a little and ride in a cart but being outdoors and active is the most important factor. – who even have a wildlife tour for non-golfers:

As we know, work and working out help define the quality of your life. We sincerely hope you take advantage of some of these resources available to you right in our own backyard. Your mind and body will thank you.