Finding your dream job is just the start. Landing that job depends on several elements: your skill set, connections, resume, and interview skills . . . As well as the way you stand out from the competition.

Over the years, we at Masiello Employment have figured out a number of ways to shine the spotlight squarely on our candidates. Here, we are spilling a few of our favorite stand-out secrets!

  1. Add a Touch of Flavor to Your Resume

It is important to include all the right keywords to get identified as a match by electronic resume readers but adding a few visual elements will demand attention by all the humans who see your resume along the way. Of course, we are not talking about adding candid vacation photos! Think instead of using an insert that lists out certain accomplishments that might show how you increased productivity at your last job, for example.

  1. Have a Work-ing Website

Creating a professional, branded website that reflects your work history is a unique way to stand out. Like an interactive resume, this is a place where you can get very detailed about where you’ve worked and what successes you’ve had along the way; also include testimonials from past managers and co-workers (just make sure to get their permission first!) And – be sure it works and looks professional.

  1. Hand Out Personal-Professional Business Cards

Working hand-in-hand with your website, a branded business card with your personal information instantly reflects your professionalism. It is a small gesture with giant impact.

  1. Learn About Your Interviewer

If you have the name of your interviewer beforehand, use that information to learn more about him or her by researching work and educational history—if you find you both went to the same college, you have something in common that can foster a connection.

  1. Dress to Impress

If possible, find out the company’s dress code and adhere to their standards during the interview. If there is a professional uniform (say a blue shirt and khaki pants), try to replicate it—in this case, it’s blending in that may help you stand out!

  1. Get Familiar with the Company

This one comes up again and again with interviewers—they want to know that you have taken the time to learn about the company you say you want to work for. Do your research by thoroughly reviewing the company’s website, including its “News” page. Start this process at least a week before the interview and spend time each day reading and re-reading the material; this is not something you want to do thirty minutes before your interview. Be prepared!

  1. Send a Thank You Note

After the interview, it is always a good idea to send a thank you note to the interviewer. If you learned something about him or her during your time together—say she loves fishing or he loves to cook—include a small, personal acknowledgment of their interest in your thank you note. It demonstrates that you understand them as people, not just an interviewer. Don’t overdo it! One sentence – “enjoy your time skiing this winter” – and you are done. Getting too personal is not the answer here.

Do you have any advice for standing out from the competition? Please let us know! In the meantime, remember that Masiello Employment can help you find your perfect job (and perfect your stand-out skills!)—our recruiting team is here for a free consultation; just give us a call.