It’s On!

The Holidays are a crazy time for staffing, and one could easily argue that it is a crazy time for everything! However, the team at Masiello Employment is ready to power through the holiday stress and keep our eye on the prize – finding our employers the best workers and candidates the best positions.

To encourage our recruiters to keep on top of the holiday madness, our office has set up a contest which we call the Holiday Placement Challenge.

Our collective goal is to make 84 placements between 11/5 and 12/21. We are tracking our progress by hanging an ornament on our little tree every time we put someone to work. As of today, we are at a whopping 67 placements and have no doubt we will reach (and hopefully exceed) our goal. We are going to need a bigger tree!

As a result of this challenge, we have experienced a 75% increase in our placements in November (compared to October) – and we can’t wait to see what December brings! To further keep the holiday spirit strong, the entire office is hyped up on a National Lampoons’ Christmas Vacation theme!

To keep everyone engaged and involved with the outcomes of our work, we often set mini goals or challenges where team members can win/earn gifts for achieving those goals – it might be the number of candidates they meet or submit to clients or the number of sales calls they make or referrals they request. For example, we are currently running a challenge to encourage staff to proactively increase our Facebook likes. Some of these have been individual, and some are team challenges, and we have both individual prizes and group prizes. It has been fun and very motivating a real team effort that includes our recruiters and our administrative team equally and serves as an essential reminder to keep a positive, productive work environment that is inclusive of everyone. As they say, a happy employee is a productive employee!

Yet, outside of meeting productivity measures, the biggest reward for our team is the realization of the number of real lives we have impacted in such a short time. Helping many people find jobs, particularly during the holidays, is always gratifying.

Our teams continue to work on a wide variety of roles, including some high-volume seasonal positions. Our office covers a full spectrum of positions to include: inspectors, packagers, receptionists, office assistants and admins, data entry operators, accounting clerks and various roles within a bank operations center. We even closed on an IT position, and have recently placed a creative designer, a safety manager, and an HR position. Our jobs cover a vast spectrum both skill wise and geographically, and it has been a real mix – some temporary, some temp-to-hire and even a few direct hires.

So don’t let the holiday stress get to you! If you are an individual looking for a new position or are an employer looking for workers – seasonal or not – we are working hard throughout the Holidays to get people into jobs, fast. And we won’t let up when the New Year rolls around, we promise!