Summer is about weekends more than weekdays, so—over the next few months—we at Masiello Employment thought we’d take an occasional break from covering Monday-to-Friday, work-related topics in order to highlight a few favorite activities for Saturdays and Sundays. This edition is all about pool parties, with tips you can use at a gathering around any body of water, be it a pool, lake, or ocean!

Bring a Gift—if you’ve been invited to a pool party at someone’s house (or you’re visiting a friend who lives by a body of water), be sure to thank them for their generosity with a gift, especially one that speaks to the occasion, like a new beach towel. 

Wear (the Right Kind of) Sunscreen—too much sun exposure can lead to a sunburn (short term) and skin cancer (long term) so bring sunscreen with you, and apply a generous amount before heading outside. Remember, this is a pool party, which means your sunscreen should be waterproof if you plan on swimming; also, reapply as often as is suggested on the packaging.

Wear a Hat… and More—even those among us with the best of intentions when it comes to sunscreen can easily end up with a burn after spending a day outside around and in the pool. In addition to liberally applying and reapplying sunscreen, wear a brimmed hat and keep covered with a cover-up or t-shirt, and sit in a shaded spot whenever possible.

Find a Well-Suited Swimsuit—“swimsuit season” can send even the calmest women and men into a full-on panic. Relax, there’s a suit out there that suits you, you’ve just got to find it. The good news for men: you can get a lot of coverage with board shorts, like these from Cabela’s; the good news for women: comfy and camouflaging skirted swimsuits, like this one from Garnet Hill, are hot this season.

Stay Hydrated—by that, we mean: drink lots and lots of water, not alcoholic beverages or caffeinated drinks, which can be dehydrating, a potentially big problem on a hot day.

If You Drink Alcohol, Drink Responsibly—when you drink alcohol on a hot day, you’ll feel the effects much quicker than you would otherwise (thanks to all that sweating), so be sure to designate a driver for the ride home, or establish a “last call” for yourself early on in the day. Also, drink several glasses of water in between each glass of wine, bottle of beer, or cocktail you consume.

We can’t help but think of work, even at a pool party, and so here’s one last (work-related!) tip:

Be Social-Media Savvy—if you’re currently searching for a job, it’s wise to present yourself in your best light online. Potential employers are most likely reviewing your social media outlets while considering you for the position, so hide or remove any “pool party photos” that show you partying a bit too hard.

From all of us at Masiello Employment: Have a happy and safe summer!