The interview just ended. You’re feeling good. You’re feeling relieved. Now all you have to do is kick back and wait for the job offer.

Not so fast.

You’ve got to get right to work after that interview, writing a thank you letter or email!  But not just any thank you note. We at Masiello Employment know the secret to your success at landing a job often comes down the not-so-little little details. And so we share this Thank You Note edition of Do’s and Don’t-You-Dares.

Do… send a hand-written letter or email within 24 hours of the interview.

Don’t you dare… skip this step, or send a letter/email out weeks after the interview.

Do… make it personal by sending it directly to the person you interviewed with during the interview—if you met more than one individual, send each one a personalized note.

Don’t you dare… create a form “thank you note” that you send after every interview, updating only names and little else (it will read as generic and thoughtless).

Do… expand upon any answers you gave during the interview that might benefit from a bit more information and/or share any details you didn’t include.

Don’t you dare… send a hand-written note if you have bad hand-writing; in that case, always send an email or send a typed letter, with your signature at the end.

Do… detail your positive feelings for the company and your interest in the opportunity; also, add a bit about what makes you perfect for the position.

Don’t you dare… write a tome. Limit your note to no more than a few short paragraphs, and don’t include emojis (if sending an email) or use something like scented paper (if sending a letter).

Do… reference an article about a topic discussed during the interview (if sending an email, include a link) to show how much thought you’ve given to the interview.

Don’t you dare… send the note without first having a friend or family member read it/proof it for you.

Take our advice and, after you land your dream job, you can send us a thank you letter or email! In the meantime, remember that we’re here to help. Our recruiting team is always here for a free consultation. Just give us a call.