Whether you’re actively looking for a job, or even if you’re happy in the job you’re in, you should always have an updated resume at the ready as you never know what type of curveball life may throw at you.


And were not just talking about any old resume — we are talking about a resume that actually works for you.


Just like styles change in fashion, so too do they change for resumes, so we at Masiello Employment thought we’d help you stay current by offering this 2017 Resume Edition of Do’s and Don’t-You-Dares.


Do… Use a standard resume format, staying away from unique colors, unusual fonts, and unnecessary extras like graphs, tables, or images.


Don’t-You-Dare… Skip the Cover Letter. Yes, there’s an on-going debate over whether or not they’re effective, but we feel it’s best to cover all your bases. If the Hiring Manager values a Cover Letter, you’re at a disadvantage if you don’t include one. (On the flip side, if a Hiring Manager doesn’t like a Cover Letter, you’ve done no harm by including one.) Plus, how else do you differentiate from other equally qualified resumes? Exactly. Start writing.


Do… Replace your Objective with a Summary. While an Objective shares what you want out of the job, it’s not typically something that’s important to the Hiring Manager; what he or she wants to know is why you’re a good candidate for the job, and that’s just the kind of detail to include in the Summary, which should kick-off your resume.


Don’t-You-Dare… Exaggerate or embellish any part of your resume. We’re not going to tell you not to lie, because if you do, you probably aren’t going to get the job no matter what. Most employers can sniff out ingenuine people quite easily. It will come back to bite you sooner or later.


Do… Include a Skills section, directly after the Summary. An easy-to-read, bulleted list of your skills allows the Hiring Manager to quickly match you with the job.


Don’t-You-Dare… Fail to update certain sections (like Summary and Skills) to address the job description. Many employers scan resumes to see how well it matches the job—usually, this process discards three-quarters of resumes. Make sure your resume includes as many key words and phrases from the job description as is applicable.


Do… Highlight your Accomplishments—including, if applicable, any quantifiable achievements—instead of a generic list of duties.


Don’t-You-Dare… Turn your resume into a novel. Keep it to one page, two if you have a noteworthy career—if you have to, play with font size and spacing to make it work (but make sure it’s legible!)


Do… Proof your cover letter and resume. Nuthing is wurse then a paige filt with misstakes. Do this every time you make a substantial change. Better yet, contact one of our recruiters and go through your resume together in real time.


Remember, your resume is a reflection of you. Take your time getting it right, and update/revise it regularly so it stays current and fully supports you in your efforts to remain gainfully employed. Masiello Employment’s recruiting team is always here for a free consultation to review your resume and discuss your career. Just give us a call.