Black ice and white-outs are just some of the difficulties, and dangers, of driving in winter—but, no matter how tricky it may be, we still have to drive to work (or job interviews) and countless other places. In Keene, NH—and in many parts of the country—this season influences not just how we drive our car (see our previous post for Winter Car Prep), but the contents of our car as well. In case your vehicle gets snowed-in, Masiello Employment assembled this list of essentials you should have in a Winter Car Kit.

  1. To Keep Connected: Cell-Phone, Car Battery Charger and Battery-Powered Radio
  1. To Signal For Help: Road Flares, Emergency Reflectors, and a Whistle
  1. To Help Yourself: Shovel, Windshield Scraper, Tow Chain, Tire Chains, Booster Cables, Cat Litter/Road Sand, Antifreeze, and Windshield Wiper Fluid
  1. To Keep Warm: Hand Warmers, Wool Blankets, Hats, Gloves, Winter Boots, and Wool Socks along with Newspapers to line the windows
  1. To Keep Hydrated & Nourished: Bottled Water and Energy Bars
  1. To Keep Healthy: First Aid Kit and several doses of all Vital Medications; Toilet Paper and Waste Bags; and depending on you and your passengers, you might also need Feminine Products, Baby Formula, Diapers, and Wipes
  1. To Keep the Lights On Without Using the Car Battery: Wind-Up Flashlight as well as Tealight Candles, an Empty Can, and Matches
  1. A portable Car booster/cell phone charger. If finances dictate, you can now purchase a reliable battery unit the size of a small book that will charge your phone/GPS/tablet, work as an emergency flashlight, and even jumpstart your car – without the need for a second car, strangers, or jumper. Various models can be purchased from Amazon, but this model comes highly recommended.

With these items safely stowed in the back seat—and not the trunk, which might be inaccessible in an accident—you’ll have resources at the ready to protect you and your passengers in the event of a winter emergency. (Please share this post so your friends and family know the Winter Car Kit essentials as well.)

In our next blog, we will outline just what to do if you get snowed-in while driving in a winter storm. Until then—and, as always—stay safe!