Here at Masiello Employment, we’re experts at all things work.  We also know that being romantic doesn’t come naturally to everyone, it could be something you might have to work at, so we’re here to help you win Valentine’s Day by suggesting some utterly unforgettable gifts.

Certainly, you should follow tradition by getting Chocolates at a local chocolatier like Life is Sweet or Burdick Chocolates, or a Bouquet of Flowers from a local florist like In the Company of Flowers, but—after that—it’s time to surprise your true love with something she or he was never expecting . . . and will never forget. 

A Rock—Yes, a Rock. Find the nicest rock around and box it up for your true love along with this note: “When a male penguin falls in love, he searches the entire beach to find the perfect pebble.” Aww. 

A Pass. Sometime before Valentine’s Day, give a hand-made coupon that allows her or him to skip getting you a Valentine’s Day present this year. Just make sure you’re really okay with not getting a gift.

A Love Letter (or a Love Post). Buy a sheet of expensive paper and the matching envelope, and write a love letter—and write it from the heart. If your true love would prefer a more public display of affection, share your feelings in a love post on her or his Facebook page.

Lots of Love Notes (or Love Texts). Take the previous idea and tweak it by writing several little notes and hiding them places where they’ll be found during the day. You could also send love texts every hour.

A Modern Mixed Tape. Share a Playlist or burn a CD of your love one’s favorite songs. If you’re artistic, you could draw a cassette tape and give it a love-ly label, like You + Me 4Ever.

Play Favorites. Maybe he loves fishing or she can’t live without coffee—celebrate your special someone by celebrating their favorite things with a custom gift (like Cabela’s fishing gear or a pound of their favorite coffee from a local shop like Prime Roast Coffee). If you can afford it, go a step further with an all-out celebration (like planning a private fishing trip for him or upgrading all her coffee accessories).

A Romantic Book. Head over to a shop like Toadstool Bookshop and bypass the “Romance” section in search of the Help Desk—once there, describe your true love to an associate and get matched with a book that’s just right for your true love. Once you have a book, write a note on the cover page, expressing your love and all the reasons you chose the book you did.

An All-Dressed-Up Dinner. Plan a surprise night out at a local restaurant and get all dressed up to underscore its importance. Also do everything you can to pamper your special someone during the night, like opening the car door (along with every other door on the way to and from dinner).

A Quickie (Trip, That Is). Perhaps the ultimate indulgence is a quick trip together to a nearby destination—like any one of these romantic places in New Hampshire. Bring a bottle of bubbly, too!

Let’s face it, with this knowledge in hand, Cupid has nothing on you this year!