It’s autumn in New England, the glorious time of year when our foliage puts on an incredible show. It is a bustling time for tourists and locals alike. Our weather is downright fantastic most days, and the biting insects take a little break.

Fall in New Hampshire welcomes tourists from our backyard and beyond who take to country roads looking for incredible visual displays of bright fall foliage designed exclusively by mother nature herself. What better way to spend a leisurely day than playing tourist, better known as leaf peeping, taking a casual drive to see the leaves putting on their annual show?

Below you will find some of our favorite driving routes, four great starting points that you can build into a more substantial journey, an out-and-back, or piece together some unknown country roads of your own into a nice loop drive. Be sure and get out of the car to stretch your legs in some of the beautiful public lands such as Monadnock State Park, Pisgah State Park, and Greenville State Park and stop at every farm you see for pumpkins, gourds, and tasty treats.

With knowledge in hand, fill that tank with gas, grab a GPS (though you do not need one) and hit the road, friends – the vibrant colors of the leaves will not last long!

Here are the routes and a basic map to get you oriented:

#1) Rt 119 from Winchester to West Rindge
#2) Rt 101 from Milton to Monadnock (with lots of jumping off points in between)
#3) Rt 124 from Marlborough to Jaffrey (a proverbial favorite)
#4) Rt 123 from Marlow to Hancock

Here in Western New Hampshire we are fortunate to have such beauty in our backyard. Take advantage of the spectacle of nature before it is gone!

And when you settle back into reality and start looking at employment, our recruiters will be here for you. Have a great fall!