Back to School


Check your calendar, friends – it’s August. We are approaching the backside of Summer.

And no, we are not kidding!

Soon, the kids will be returning to school, and tourist traffic will start to die down. Things will go from ultra-busy to normal-busy, and we can all catch a breath as our family schedules normalize. A collective sigh, and a chance to resume what normalcy exists.

What happens next here in many New England businesses? A hire shift. Summer help is let off the hook in tourist based industries, and companies begin to plan for the future, the winter in particular. It is a good time to think hiring right about the time “back to school” ads hit the airwaves.

This can be a hiring busy season, the period between Summer and The Christmas Holidays, it is a time when employers hit the ground running to close out business and prepare for next year. Vacations for hiring managers have wrapped up, and it is time to put the proverbial nose to the grindstone and get some work done.

So what are we getting at?

Don’t wait! Now is the perfect time to start moving on your job search. You have a few weeks left to get your resume together, your LinkedIn updated, and your online applications secured for companies you seek to work with. Once the weather cools down, it would behoove you to have your resume sitting right on top of a hiring manager’s desk before they start promoting jobs online and putting the pedal to the floor on hiring.

Take a few minutes between trips to the water park and the beach and start thinking about your job search. We know you are busy enjoying family and beach time, but don’t let time get the best of you. Start thinking closely about your resume and targeting those companies you may want to work with. Send all your updated materials to our recruiters and let us know when you are officially freed up to interview and take calls.

It does happen at a breakneck speed – so be ready, prepared, and ahead of the game this year!

Easier said than done, we know. We hope this message at least starts the thought process in your mind.