Masiello Employment Services is based in Keene, NH, and when you live in a place like this – that is, a beautiful place that can get bitterly cold in the winter – it’s important to find seasonal outdoor activities you enjoy so you don’t hibernate for half the year.

Like ice skating.

Sure, you can ice skate year-round in an indoor rink, but we like the idea of embracing winter by skating on a groomed pond or visiting one of the state’s outdoor ice-skating rinks. So here we share our favorite places to go ice skating outdoors across New Hampshire. Ready? Set? Skate!


Robin Hood Park Pond

Keene, NH

This is a classic winter wonderland for ice skating

Dorrs Pond

Manchester, NH

This is an a-dorrs-able backdrop for winter family fun

Occom Pond

Hanover, NH

There’s even an open fire so you can keep toasty warm


Puddle Dock Pond

Portsmouth, NH

Even though there’s a “pond” in the name, this is a man-made rink in the middle of Strawbery Banke

Ice Rink at Stratham Hill Park

Stratham, NH

Nothing fancy – just some good old-fashioned fun for every age

Mountain View Grand Resort

Whitefield, NH

A classic ice-skating experience in a classic White Mountain grand hotel

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