Finding Passive CandidatesWhen you’re looking to hire a new employee, you should cast your recruiting net as wide as possible. That means trying to find not only candidates who are actively seeking jobs, but passive candidates as well. If you’ve never heard of a “passive candidate,” they’re pretty much what they sound like: professionals who, although not currently looking for a new position, would–for the right opportunity–make a career move. On first blush, going after this relatively hard-to-reach class of candidates may seem counterintuitive. After all, with so many eager, qualified job seekers out there, why should you bother to go after workers who are on the fence or who haven’t even thought of changing employers? Fair point. But, if you don’t go after passive candidates, it’s estimated that you’re missing out on 70 to 80 percent of working professionals, many of whom would make a fantastic addition to your team. Below you’ll learn more about the benefits of passive candidates and how to find them.

Social Media

Your company’s social networks, blogs, and online job postings via sites like LinkedIn are a great way to penetrate deep into the recesses of passive candidate pools. Since you should be actively promoting your brand on social media anyway, it shouldn’t be hard to tweak your message so that you’re appealing more directly to professionals who might like to work with you.  Plus, simply having profile pages set up for your company and employees will tend to lure in candidates who will explore your online identity before they commit to a query or application. Using social media to attract great candidates will allow your staffing partner to more easily promote your company to passive candidates, helping to increase the candidate pool for your next opening.

Simple Application Process

In order to entice skittish job seekers, offer an alternative application process that requires minimal information. Employed candidates and candidates who aren’t even sure they want a new job are much more likely to apply for a position if all they have to do is send their online profile or resume to get the process started. Once they’re on the hook, you can slowly reel them in.

Marketing as Recruitment

Including notices about open positions in your marketing materials to consumers and other businesses is another subtle yet effective way of reaching passive candidates. Since they probably won’t be visiting job aggregator sites, you have a much better chance of reaching them through advertisement and promotions that also suggest you’re looking for new employees.

Employment Services

Partnering with an employment services agency streamlines the whole process of locating otherwise hard-to-find candidates. With their deep rosters of highly-qualified professionals, staffing agencies take the guesswork (and most of the work in general) out of recruiting.

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