Closing a successful deal with a handshake. Congratulations! Getting a new job.At the end of the day, the goal of every business is to increase growth, profitability and productivity – and retain employees that offer value to the company.

And if you are a hiring manager, or business owner, having a recruiter who knows and understands your business in your corner is a great idea.

The benefits of building a long-term relationship with a recruiter are many:

  • They are well connected. They meet with many talented individuals in various industries.  They have access to individuals with various skills, knowledge and expertise.  If your business is growing and has consistent and sizeable needs, a partnership with a recruiter is a great way to get the talent pool you need when you need them, and sometimes before you need them.
  • They know your business. If you have a long-lasting relationship with a recruiter, they will be aware of your company’s brand and culture. They understand what is expected of employees and what kind of work ethic is necessary to be successful. They will not waste your valuable time presenting people who are not right for your organization.
  • They can help you find someone that fits, rather than someone to just fill an opening. A long-term relationship with a recruiter can increase employee retention. They understand your business, its needs and its goals, and can find you someone who is a good fit, rather than someone who is likely to leave in a short span of time.
  • They can collaborate with you on staffing strategies. Taking the time to foster a relationship with a recruiter is a great way to help your business with anticipated needs rather than simply the immediate ones. You can sit with your recruiter and develop a plan to help determine staffing practices that will be in line with company goals and needs.

If you don’t have a recruiting firm on your side to help you with your staffing needs, you should consider a partnership.

Remember, recruitment firms match millions of individuals to jobs every day!

The expert recruiting team at Masiello is committed to businesses finding the right people for the job.  We also offer a variety of services to make recruiting easier for you. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or requests.

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