Policy FolderThe goal of every business is to start the year off strong and on track towards success.

To ensure that your organization has the right tools in place in order to most effectively meet its financial and functional goals, and maintain/improve employee job satisfaction, take a moment to revisit your company policies. Decide which can stay, which need to change, and which policies, if any, need to go.

Here are a few new policies to consider:

  • Regular employee reviews. This will allow you to set measurable goals for your employees, track their performances, and make modifications to those goals if a situation calls for it. Consistent reviews help establish an open line of communication with employees. It’s a great opportunity for discussion – to receive and to offer meaningful feedback. Habitual reviews also help lessen stress across the board.
  • Perform vendor reviews. If you’re not already, you should be reviewing your vendors regularly. Are their rates competitive? Are you happy with their services and products? Be sure you are getting the best deals and that you’re keeping your costs low. It may not hurt to try out a new vendor – just start out small.
  • Plan for growth. Companies should be proactive, not reactive, in their talent acquisition. They should develop strategies that consider both short-term and long-term hiring needs – quality needs, not just immediate ones. Never hire just for open positions.
  • Partner with a staffing provider. The onboarding process can be a long one. The sooner you can determine what your company’s current and future needs look like, the better things will be for you down the road. And outsourcing your talent acquisition is the best way to get exactly what you are looking for:
    • A staffing provider has the time and flexibility to help you fill those open positions much more efficiently than you would on your own.
    • A staffing partner can guarantee that the resumes you do see are resumes of individuals with the skills you are looking for. They can help you design your dream team!
    • Staffing firms offer different hiring options, such as temporary-to-hire, which allows you to gauge a prospective, long-term employee’s abilities and potential value to your organization – before putting them on your payroll.

Recruitment firms have the tools and resources to help you find and manage top talent. Consider partnering with a staffing service if you don’t already. They will be able to provide you with some valuable insight on the benefits of a partnership. And if you do work with a staffing service currently, be sure that they are the right fit for you.

At Masiello, we can help you find a workforce best suited to your business. Contact our expert staffing and recruiting team for more information. We’d love to tell you how our services can benefit your organization.