Winter in New England isn’t for the faint of heart. There’s snow to shovel. Layers of clothes to navigate. And “seasonal hours” to remember.

This time of year, it can be easy to lose yourself in your job or your job search, and we at Masiello Employment are here to remind you to have some fun.

But not just any fun—the “best” kinds of fun. To that end, we rounded up Your 7 Best Bets, featuring best-of categories in Keene, New Hampshire as rated by NH Magazine:

  1. Best Coffee. Prime Roast Coffee Company, a favorite for its expert roasting and friendly baristas
  1. Best Breakfast. The Stage has the best breakfast in town (including yummy brunch cocktails) – followed up by Lindy’s Diner and Timoleon’s
  1. Best Bakery. Kristin’s Bistro & Bakery, whipping up tasty pastries like Cream Cheese Brownies and Pecan Squares
  1. Best Pizzeria. Athens Pizza House and Restaurant, with a truly staggering list of select-your-own toppings, like kielbasa, lean pastrami, and beef-lamb gyro
  1. Best Bouillabaisse. The Stage Restaurant & Cafe, served in “a wide bowl… heaped with juicy shrimp, silky scallops, calamari and several varieties of fish, enlivened by slices of spicy chorizo. Crusty Tuscan bread waits alongside to catch the last drops of savory tomato-based broth”
  1. Best Ice Cream. The Walpole Creamery, with all the classics as well as unique flavors like Fijan Ginger, which elevates a sweet cream base with bites of sweet-and-hot ginger
  1. BONUS: Best Beer. In 2018, Elm City Brewing Co.’s Abbey Dubbel (a strong brown ale) received a gold medal in the World Beer Cup

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