Ask any child “What do you want to be when you grow up?” and you’re likely to receive a lengthy, list-like answer that includes everything from Doctor to Professional Cupcake Eater.

It turns out, kids are onto something.

Factoring in promotions and transfers, the average person makes 10 to 15 career changes during their working years (though, sadly, few get to become a Professional Cupcake Eater). Reasons for changing careers include choosing a less stressful job, making more money, getting away from a bad boss, striking the work-life balance, and finding more interesting work.

We at Masiello Employment have assisted many people in changing careers, and here’s a round-up of our best career-changing advice:

1. Don’t Be Spontaneous. It’s not wise to decide on a different career at the end of an especially bad day (or even an especially bad month). Take a look at the whole picture—your education, expectations, responsibilities, etc.—and then decide if a different career is the right call at this time.

2. Do Lots of Research. If you’ve always felt a desire to try computer programming or construction, find out available jobs in your area, starting salaries, typical work conditions and hours, etc. Talk with those who perform the job you want to do and ask them to describe what the job is really like and request their advice on how best to proceed down this new career path.

3. Prepare Yourself. While you still have your current job, consider taking night classes or weekend training courses to help you get prepared. Not only will you be taking the first steps towards making a career change, you’ll also quickly get to know if this is a change you really want to make.

4. Give Yourself Time. Chances are, you can’t change careers overnight. It might take a while to work up to the position you have in mind. Plan ahead, so you know what to expect—and when.

5. Prepare Your Resume & Interview Answers. Once you’re ready to make the change, and you’ve achieved all the education/training necessary, it’s time to update your resume and get prepared for the “Why are you changing careers?” interview question. How do you do that? You start by giving the Masiello Employment recruiting team a call; we’re here for your free consultation. From there, we’ll help you prepare your resume and interview answers, and much more.

Now is the perfect time to consider a career change, so reach out today! The Masiello Employment recruiting team is available for a free consultation to discuss how to best approach your new career.