Masiello Employment Services has a small but dedicated recruiting team who have been successfully serving the Monadnock Region for over 35 years. With new challenges and opportunities on the horizon in 2020 and beyond, we are excited to have some exciting new employee news to share!

For starters, we’d like to extend a big congratulations to our Staffing Coordinator, Andrea Smart, who obtained her CSP (Certified Staffing Professional) designation July of 2019. The Certified Staffing Professional designation is given by the American Staffing Association to those recruiters that “designate mastery of the laws and topics most essential to the staffing profession.”  When choosing to work with a recruiter, perhaps the essential personal and professional traits to look for evolve around both experience, and ethics. The training for the certification covers a wide variety of federal and state employment laws and regulations, and this certification demonstrates a commitment to recruiting the right way. As the lead person in charge of new hire orientations, Andrea’s desire to obtain this certification was to have a better understanding of employment law since it is her goal to prepare each new hire for professional success. Andrea remains focused on advancing her professional development and is excited that Masiello Employment Services always supports opportunities to learn and grow professionally.

And new to the team we have a Warner, New Hampshire native, Gretchen Krug who joins Masiello Employment while working towards a bachelor’s degree in Human Resources Management. Gretchen comes to us via her time serving the country as a combat medic for the US Army. Now in Veteran status, Gretchen has decided to shift her professional focus from helping people both literally and physically in the field, to assisting people with their careers. Gretchen has a passion for animals and loves both horses and dogs. You’ll often find her horseback riding or hanging out with her two German Shepherd dogs, and reading great books whenever possible.

Masiello Employment cares about the professional well-being of both our staff and clients alike. If you need workers – temp, full time or part-time – please reach out to Gretchen, Andrea or any of the recruiting team, and we will do our best to assist in your professional endeavors, just as we have for over 35 years.