Is your relationship with work on the ropes? Looking to spice things up in your career this Valentine’s Day? Masiello Employment Services is just the right matchmaker for you! With over 35 years of focused experience, we specialize in office support, accounting & finance, light industrial, and skilled manufacturing. 

Our dedicated Staffing Managers take the time to get to know you, your professional goals and lifestyle needs with the aim of making your next career match love at first sight. We know a big step like this takes faith and commitment, and you can rely on us to bring our job placement skills to the table in your best interest. Still on the fence? Here are just a few great reasons why a career move with a trusted staffing agency on your side is the ideal choice!

start lineThe Career Hunt Is Daunting

Career experts know that searching for the right career path is hard enough, but the hunt for the right job? It’s downright exhausting. Shuffling through job descriptions, rewriting resumes and cover letters, preparing for and attending interviews, and researching employers, all take time. And successful people understand that time is the most valuable currency they have.

With professional Staffing Managers like our team members at Masiello, the pressure and time commitment are absorbed for you.

We handle the ins and outs while freeing you up to search for other avenues of success!  We will walk you through effective resume writing and talk you through successful interview strategies. We also handle communications with hiring managers and do the heavy lifting of your job search.

It’s our full-time commitment to search for and find a job that aligns with your skills and matches your values as an employee AND a person.

confidentialMums The Word

When going out on the job hunt, we understand you want to avoid your current workplace catching wind of your intentions before you’re ready to share that information. No one wants to cause an uncomfortable situation with coworkers or management.

A staffing agency protects your confidentiality in these stressful situations and maintains a high level of professionalism. All of our recruiters are trained in managing sensitive situations and handling your information with care. We guarantee that only your potential employer and ourselves will have access to your information.

Advice & Feedback

With our finger on the pulse of updates from potential employers, we are able to provide you with real-time feedback and advice on what they are looking for and how you fit into the picture. Our recruiters may help address parts of your resume for better success, tips on what can be improved or removed, and how to show your best self to those hiring!

try something newTry Before You Buy

Not sure if you want to continue in the same type of job? Success and happiness are our goals when helping job seekers with their search. We know that a career change can be difficult, especially if your employment is different from your future career goals.. 

We can highlight all of your applicable skills, such as coveted soft skills, including strong communication and interpersonal skills. Additionally, by helping you find short-term roles in new tra