social-mediaOnce upon a time, job seekers submitted their resumes for job openings, received call backs from interested prospective employers, and were promptly interviewed. Hiring managers then decided whether or not those they met with were a fit for the position (and the company) based mainly on the interview experience.

That’s no longer the case.

Nowadays, hiring professionals see you before they see you. Social media is being used as a screening tool by many employers to determine fit. That’s right, your online activity could be the reason you get, or don’t get, the job!

So how do you maximize your online presence so that it makes, not breaks, your career? Follow these social media rules:

  • Link up on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is usually the first stop for hiring managers to find and recruit talent through social media. It’s definitely the “hot spot.” So if you’re not on LinkedIn, create an account. If you have an account, ensure that your profile is up-to-date and professional. This is not the place for very personal information, or frequent status updates. It is a great place to emphasize your key accomplishments and skills. A strong LinkedIn profile can definitely increase your opportunities and help you network with recruiters.
  • Rethink provocative pictures. This means photos of you drinking, misbehaving or scantily dressed. While your friends might appreciate the pictures, they don’t paint a good picture of you for professional opportunities. If a picture is worth a thousand words, stop and think, what do the pictures you’ve chosen to share on a public forum say about you?
  • Avoid taboo topics. Religion and politics are two major subjects to avoid online. Everyone is very much entitled to their opinion, but outspoken viewpoints could turn off a potential employer. Not necessarily because they disagree with you, but because of what possible controversy it could lead to on the job.
  • Don’t badmouth your current or previous employer. Status updates or tweets containing numerous complaints about your previous or current company, boss, co-workers, etc., create a negative image of you. A prospective employer can only assume that you’ll do the very same thing to them if they hire you – something they’ll want to avoid.
  • Think before you post. Every post or picture you add online impacts your personal brand, and, as a result, your professional one as well. So before posting anything, ask yourself if you would be OK with a potential employer seeing what you just wrote. If you have any doubts, just don’t post it!

If you are seeking employment, it might greatly benefit you to connect with a recruiter or staffing firm in your area to see how they can help.

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