A cover letter is a great tool for a job seeker looking to stand out and get noticed by a potential employer.

Here’s why:Catering Your Cover Letter to Your Audience

  • A cover letter offers not only more information than a resume, it paints a clearer image of who you are, what you are looking for and what you have to offer a company.
  • A cover letter demonstrates a personal touch and more genuine interest in the job opportunity.

Yes, cover letters are very important. But it’s just as important to remember to direct your cover letter to your audience.

It’s not difficult to tell the difference between a generic letter and one written with a specific company in mind. And if a hiring manager notices, it might hinder you more than it helps you.

So how do you direct your cover letter to your target audience?

  • Address the hiring manager by name and avoid writing “To Who It May Concern.” It’s never been easier to find out the name of the hiring manager. Do a Google search, or call if you have to, but taking a moment to get a name shows that you cared enough about the job to go the extra step.
  • Focus on the company you are applying to. While the cover letter is technically about you, your goal should be to show that you know what their business is about and prove that you can contribute to their success.
  • Don’t list every job or accomplishment in your cover letter. That’s what your resume is for. Use a cover letter as an opportunity to discuss previous work experience, success stats and skills, and how it both meets their requirements and will benefit their business. Not only does it showcase your abilities and demonstrate that what you have to offer is what the hiring manager is looking for, it proves that you read their ad!
  • Match the tone of the cover letter to the company culture. If the company you’re applying to is formal, use a formal tone. If it’s a laid-back company, be casual. It shows that you understand the company vibe and that you’re a match for their organization.

Writing resumes is no fun. And writing a cover letter can be even more challenging. But it’s an investment in your future!

If you partner with a staffing firm, don’t be afraid to reach out to them for help. Many recruitment agencies offer resume help to their employees.  And if you aren’t working with a staffing agency on your job search, it’s time to consider doing so. Staffing firms are well connected and match millions of people to jobs every day!

Don’t hesitate to contact the experienced recruiting team at Masiello for help with your job search.  We are committed to providing the best opportunities possible and have several resources available to job seekers. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact our experienced recruiting team.  Let us help!