Waiting to hear back after submitting a resume is stressful.  And let’s face it, sometimes people never hear back.Five Tips for Writing a Better Resume

But what people often forget is that hiring managers receive dozens, sometimes hundreds, of resumes on a regular basis.

To get noticed, your resume needs to POP!

So what can you do to make your resume stand out? To ensure that it doesn’t get overlooked – or worse yet, tossed in the trash?

Write a better resume, of course.

Here are five tips to help get you started:

  • Cater your resume to the job. Generic, one-size- fits-all resumes don’t cut it anymore, and it’s easy to tell the difference between someone who has crafted a resume specifically to a company or job, and someone who is doing the opposite.
  • Include relevant keywords in your resume. Hiring managers don’t typically have the time to actually read your resume. They’re either using an applicant tracking system to pick up on keywords related to the job, or scanning for keywords themselves. If no matching keywords or experience are found, they are not going to invest the time in really looking into your resume, much less contacting you.
  • Add a Qualifications section to your resume. Do this in place of an objective statement. In the qualifications, you can include achievements, notable skills and significant experiences. It’s a great, at-a-glance way to show the value you bring to the table. And be sure to just stick to your most recent 10-15 years of experience to remain relevant.
  • Use numbers and percentages whenever applicable. Numbers are a great way to measure your accomplishments, or to emphasize the scope and scale of your responsibilities. Plus, they stand out on a page!
  • Remove your address. A hiring manager may see your address and withdraw you from consideration if they think your commute may be too long. Don’t let someone else decide how far you are willing to travel for the right job.  Simply include an email address and phone number as your contact information.

Remember to proofread! Ask someone else to read it, too! Easy to avoid mistakes leave a negative impression.

At Masiello, we offer free resume-writing workshops, designed to help you avoid common mistakes and educate you on what recruiters and companies are looking for in a resume. We have several other resources available to job seekers as well. Contact our experienced recruiting team today.  We’re here to help!