This time of year, you might be expecting a 4th of July post sharing insight into surviving holiday gatherings or perfecting the BBQ or watching the best fireworks in the state. But we want to celebrate a more personal and professional kind of independence this year.

July 3rd is Compliment Your Mirror Day. It might be an unofficial holiday, but this silly-sounding day supports the very real and critical missions of being positive and having high self-esteem—two things especially important during your job search.

At Masiello Employment, we encourage those we work with to see the very best in themselves and in their situation. That outlook isn’t always easy, but it’s always worth the effort. And so we’re taking this opportunity to describe our favorite ways you can compliment everything you see in your mirror.

  1. Take It Literally. Go to your bedroom or bathroom mirror, look yourself in the eyes, and list every positive thing about what you see (nice eyes, genuine smile) and how you feel about your situation (lots of enthusiasm, trust you’ll find something).
  2. Leave a Mark. Use a washable window marker to write a few of your favorite compliments on the mirror.
  3. Wear Your Confidence-Boosting Outfit. Everybody’s got that one outfit that makes them feel like a million bucks, wear it so the compliments genuinely and easily flow. The secret is to find silhouettes or fabrics that reliably make you feel good, so every day is a confident day full of compliments.
  4.  Treat Yourself. Get a facial, your nails done or get a professional haircut or shave. This investment in your look can have seriously positive effects on your mood.
  5. Smile. One of our favorite expressions is, “smile, it increases your face value”. In fact, studies show that the act of smiling triggers an increase in the production of mood-enhancing hormones. And the happier you are, the easier it is to see the best in yourself and your situation.

Of course, we don’t think you have to wait until July 3rd to develop confidence and shower yourself with compliments—do it today and every day.

Upon reflection, Masiello Employment is the ideal complement to helping you find your perfect job—just give our recruiting team a call. (603) 358-1000