Job Search


On the hunt for a new job? It is never easy, we understand. Allow us to provide five quick ideas that will help you to maintain sanity in your job search. We promise that these simple tips are well worth the time and energy invested and will help keep you focused on the job you know you deserve.

Get Outside!

Take the dogs for a walk, landscape the yard, build a raised garden. Getting outside will not only get you fresh air and exercise but will shake off the winter blues by providing some well-needed sunlight that is key in getting a boost of Vitamin D – the ‘sunshine’ vitamin. Solid Vitamin D levels are said to boost your mood and fight depression and disease, so you can keep your mind and body healthy, active, and thinking positively. So don’t worry, be happy!

Disconnect (Strategically)

One of the worst things you can do during a job search is going offline for days on end, ignoring emails and calls (and hopefully interview requests). However, one of the easiest traps to fall into is watching your phone or computer, mentally willing activity to happen, and becoming overly anxious or discouraged as you wait. You know what they say, a watched pot never boils. Activity will always seem to come in a relentless flurry, all at once, and tends to come when you least expect it. Instead of obsessing over your situation, schedule times during the day to check email and voicemail (every 2-3 hours for example) and plan a daily job search time slot (perhaps morning and evening) to be sure you are consistently searching job boards and getting resumes out there. Be sure to leverage your relationships with our Masiello Employment recruiters, as it is our job is to work for you – we are always there working on your behalf!


Much like being outside, exercise is good for the mind and body – you can blow out cobwebs and stress naturally just by getting your heart pumping. We are not sure what happens physiologically, but exercise releases endorphins that improve clarity, focus and enhance your mood. So if you start to feel like the world is coming down on you, fight back by doing something active that you enjoy – running, fishing, yoga, or even hitting the gym. The more regularly you exercise, the healthier your body becomes, and the better equipped you’ll be for stress resulting from interviews, financial constraints, and waiting for the job market to appreciate you.


Identify and connect with someone (or someone’s) in your life that can serve as mentors, or at the very least people that inspire you in positive ways. Spend extra time with those individuals who are doing good things, and whose outlook you can model your own after. Avoid falling into the trap of spending time with others in difficult situations and stick to surrounding yourself with positive people and positive vibes. It is a tough time in your life – be sure to keep yourself engaged with the positive.

Plan, Plot, and Scheme

Be sure you know exactly what your career goals and aspirations are, clarify! Don’t just hunt for the first job that comes your way. This is a great time to ascertain your life’s journey. Be sure to analyze the career path you are on and set both long and short term goals – 6 months, one year, five years. Do you need to return to school or sign up for vocational training? Does downsizing your home make sense? Are existing relationships in your life holding you back? Assess your life as it exists today and plan your life as you want it to look in the future, and incorporate your plan into your professional goals. Be sure goals are attainable, clearly defined, and follow a natural forward progression. Write them down and refer to them regularly when you start to feel like you may have lost your path.

By following these tips during your job search, you can help to keep your mind and body strong and your career aspirations defined and on track. While it is easy to fall into the negatives, the key to success is to think, feel and believe that positive things will happen. Things often work themselves out, and a little faith in your abilities can go a long way and keep your sanity intact during these stressful times.