Acing a face-to-face interview is often critical to landing a job—it’s a chance to bring personality to your resume and cover letter. Whether the meeting lasts twenty minutes or two hours, the most important element just might be the first impression you make.

When you enter the interview room, those few seconds are second-to-none in terms of influence on the interviewer — he or she will quickly take in and assess your attire, attitude, and body language, and will use that instant impression as the foundation of an overall and lasting opinion of you.

So, how do you ensure a solid foundation for that all-important opinion? Choose an interview-appropriate outfit, plant a smile on your face, and, use appropriate body language. If you need a refresher, we’ve done two prior blogs specifically on proper body language. The first one is here, and the second, here. Be positive, engaged and upbeat and never look at your phone. Let’s just pretend –  for one hour – it’s 1982, and no such form of communication exists. Turn. It. Off. It’s time for mano y mano engagement – person to person – so be sure to devote all your attention to the person(s) in the room.

And while it is most important to say the right things, it is imperative to pay extremely close attention to your nonverbal communications. It helps many folks to conduct a mock interview with another human and obtain feedback, or you may video yourself (the phone exists again!) and watch yourself speak, seeking patterns of behavior that you might exhibit when being your professional best. Nail biting, sighing, slouching, or losing eye contact can all be perceived negatively by an interviewer.

And for those who think they have the basics of body language mastered, we give you a secret tip. Employ what some see as a secret interpersonal weapon: the eyebrow flash.

The what???

Seen as a way of quickly communicating non-verbally, this over-in-a-flash expression occurs when both eyebrows are raised and then instantly lowered to their normal, resting position.

Trust us; it’s real – here’s the definition from Wikipedia, along with an example of Jude Law doing his best eyebrow work:

“The eyebrow flash is an unconscious social signal, wherein a person, wishing to approach another whom they recognize and are preparing for social contact (such as a greeting), raises their eyebrows for approximately one-fifth of a second. People generally return an eyebrow flash, unless it was given by someone whom they do not know, or someone who looks away immediately after. ”

Typically, an eyebrow flash is a signal of recognition or interest shared between acquaintances. Real world example: you’re standing in line at a favorite coffee shop and you notice a good friend across the room — as you lock eyes, an eyebrow flash is an easy way of acknowledging each other with a friendly, non-verbal greeting.

As you first make eye contact with your interviewer, particularly with someone you have met on a prior occasion, an eyebrow flash (a subconscious sign of engaged, positive familiarity) sets a terrific tone for the rest of the interview. “Hey – I’m excited to see you, let’s get down to business!”

So always be sure to be fully aware of your body language no matter how subtle – and practice your professional interviewing skills every chance you can get.

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