When you contact us at Masiello Employment, we are offering phone & video interviews/meetings during this time of social distancing. It works, and we’re delighted to be able to have rapidly shifted into a different platform and continue doing what we love to do. This is an example of the “what” we’re doing to continue to help our clients and our candidates/employees to maintain normal operations. We have exchanged our in-person meetings with technology to get the job done.


But in order to do what we do, there’s a “how” we’re doing it. It’s the behind the scenes skills we have and have developed to do what we do, and we think it’s a great time to share that with you! Our team has chimed in to share their versions of coping with the pandemic and social distancing. We hope you’ll find something to smile about as you read these team insights:


We are in the process of moving so the fact that there are less options for our free time is actually helpful.  We have plenty to do to keep on track – sorting through our belongings, giving away, throwing away, and selling through various remote services.  Fun fun!


Cooking, EATING and reading. Just for the record-I wasn’t a reader before this year and I have read, read and read recently… LOL


Here are some things I am doing to survive social distancing and the shutdown.

Daily Yoga With Adriene, free on YouTube…… https://www.youtube.com/user/yogawithadriene

I absolutely love her, accessible for people at all levels of fitness, they are fairly short 20-40 minutes and she has lots of topics like “yoga for anxiety and stress”, “yoga for text neck”, “yoga for loneliness”, “yoga for bedtime”  – you name it.

Walking and getting fresh air – I go to Distant Hill Nature Trail which is in my neighborhood but open to the public and of course free https://www.facebook.com/distanthillnaturetrail/

Virtual Happy Hour – everything feels better after a cosmo with my family and friends.

Virtual Storytime – with my grandbabies – I miss them terribly but this helps us feel closer.

True confession – I am also eating a lot of carbs and cheese.  You have heard of the “Freshman 15” …well, I am definitely working toward my “COVID 19”.

We are trying to stay positive and creative – what are you doing to pass the time along?