Elevator Pitch for InterviewAfter sending out your résumé, you have cleared the first hurdle in your job hunt, and your prospective employer has called you in for the next step- the sit-down interview. In order to overcome sweaty palms and set yourself apart from the pack, you will need to master the “elevator pitch,” or a concise thirty second summary of who you are, what you do, and what makes you the perfect candidate for the position. Don’t let thirty seconds fool you – if you haven’t properly prepared, then it can either feel like an eternity or vanish in no time at all. Below is a list of key steps to fine-tune your elevator pitch to help you rise to the top and reach your dream job.

Write It Down

The essence of a strong elevator pitch is to craft a compelling bulletin of who you are and why you would be a valuable asset to your future employer – not to recount your whole life’s story. Write down your specific experience, important accomplishments, and major career turning points, and then become your own ruthless editor. Boil down your employment history to the most insightful, engaging, and relevant points that apply to the position.

Refine Your Pitch

Find a friend or family member and practice your pitch on them. Written speech can sound wooden and formal. You don’t want it to sound as if you are reading off the side of a cereal box and bore your future employer. Adjust your elevator pitch so that it sounds conversational while being careful not to wander off topic. When you’re done, ask your listener to recount your key points. If they can recount your objectives clearly, then you’ve hit the right notes.

Don’t Boast

It is important that you don’t squander your thirty seconds touting your own accomplishments. Improve your chances by designing your elevator pitch so that you highlight how your skills can be a benefit to you future employer. Focusing on how you can make a positive impact on the company and deliver results will go a long way in convincing your interviewer that you are the right fit for the job.

Deliver It With Confidence

Now that you have constructed the perfect elevator pitch, succinctly written and tailored to your future employer, keep in mind that well-chosen words can only carry you so far. Remember to make eye contact with your interviewer and deliver your elevator pitch in a confident, upbeat manner. Before you know it, the doors will open to your new job.

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