impression“A little goes a long way.”

And with recruiters and hiring managers screening sometimes hundreds of resumes a day and interviewing dozens of candidates, small actions often go a long way in helping to make a big impression – and a hiring decision!

If you are currently seeking employment and want to stand out during the interview process, follow these tips:

  • Take the interview seriously.  Show up early, dress for success, bring copies of your resume, do your research on the company, and come prepared with questions.  And though this particular tip is not likely to make you stand out, it will definitely prevent you from being pulled from consideration.
  • Be kind to the receptionist. The front desk attendant is the “face of the company” – and also its eyes and ears.  If you think that the receptionist won’t be asked for their opinion or impression, think again. Be professional. Smile. And don’t treat the receptionist as either invisible or beneath you.  You want to have this person on your side!
  • Follow up with a “thank you.”  Like the first tip, this may seem like common sense, but a thank you is a great way to keep your name top of mind and reiterate your interest in the position.  It also demonstrates that you are serious about the opportunity and should be given serious consideration for the job. You can express thanks via phone, email, or by sending a note in the mail. Keep in mind, however, that hiring managers are usually busy, so a phone call may not always be ideal. Email thank you messages are perfectly acceptable. However, if you have a moment, you might want to consider a handwritten thank you. It says that you cared enough to write, stamp and mail your thanks.
  • Be yourself! Typically everyone gets the same advice when it comes to interviewing. And while promptness, preparedness and professionalism are important, the goal is for you to stand out! Don’t be afraid to allow your personality to shine through. People who are genuine are more likely to make a connection or a more positive impression on someone, in this case the interviewer, than someone who may have the same experience and credentials but gives off a much more robotic feel.

There are many different ways to prepare for an interview, but if you want to stand out, don’t be afraid to showcase your personality and do a little more.

Recruiters are great resource if you are looking for employment. If you haven’t registered with one yet, it’s time to reconsider.

For more information on the interview process and other employment-related issues, don’t hesitate to contact the experienced recruiting team at Masiello. We encourage you to tell us about your goals and needs. At Masiello, we listen, learn and are committed to providing the best opportunities possible. Let us help.