reviewPreviously we discussed the importance of conducting employee reviews at regular intervals throughout the year.  After all, as we mentioned, the benefits of employee evaluations are huge – you can monitor progress and maximize productivity.

And there’s no better time to perform an employee evaluation than the beginning of the new year!

If you are in doubt, here are three reasons why starting 2015 with a performance review is a good idea:

  • A start-of-the-year review also allows you to go over an employee’s previous year’s performance and give them personal goals to work toward that will not only improve their performance, but allow them to develop and grow as employees.
  • A strong business has strong employees. In order for a company to have strong employees, you must give them direction and goals to work toward. And you must invest the time in meeting with them periodically to help keep them on track and help them overcome any obstacles that may appear. After all, employees who are supported and encouraged are more successful and more committed than employees who are not.
  • You can give your employees goals that are in tune with the goals of your organization. Solid employees want to help the company they work for succeed. By beginning the year with clear goals for your employees, and explaining to them how their success will impact the business, you will help your employees focus. They will also understand the role they play in the success of the company.

Starting the year with performance evaluations can really help an organization achieve the goals it desires and can really go a long way in transforming an organization.

Recruitment firms have the tools and resources to help you find and manage top talent. Consider partnering with a staffing service if you don’t already. They will be able to provide you with some valuable insight on the benefits of a partnership.

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