Employee BurnoutSuccessful companies do more than hire exceptional talent. They create and nurture a work environment where employees feel supported and heard.

This is pivotal to maintaining productivity, job satisfaction and employee engagement.

If such an environment does not exist, you run the risk of employee burnout – the greatest consequence of which is losing your top performers!

Here are 10 ways to help employees avoid burnout:

  1. Have realistic expectations. Don’t overload your employees. Assign an amount of work that is challenging, but reasonable. People need a healthy work-life balance.
  2. Provide regular feedback. Let your employees know whether they are on task, doing a great job, or if they need improvement. Constructive criticism is incredibly powerful and keeps employees motivated.
  3. Share information. Keep your employees in the loop. Let them know what is going on in the company. If they are not informed, they will never truly feel like part of the organization.
  4. Advocate breaks.  Encourage your staff to take their full lunch or 15-minute breaks. Allow for sick days and vacations as well. This will enable them to stretch physically and mentally.
  5. Invest time in training your employees. It not only shows you care about their success, it will further their confidence regarding their job duties, and will provide mental stimulation to those with the constant need to learn something new.
  6. Employ temporary staff when necessary. If someone is out sick or on vacation, or if it’s peak season, consider adding temporary support. It will help you maintain productivity without burdening your employees with an additional workload.
  7. Acknowledge and reward a job well done.  An accolade or small token of appreciation goes a long way. It says, “Thank you. We appreciate your hard work.”  It can be anything from a free meal or gifts certificates to an afternoon off. These gestures matter!
  8. Build camaraderie. Encourage your staff to get together for reasons other than work. Plan company activities – picnics, dinners. It helps build cohesiveness and improves team morale and job satisfaction.
  9. Be open-minded and flexible. Things happen. Sometimes deadlines cannot be met for a variety of reasons – sometimes they’re unrealistic. Make goals attainable. Help adjust priorities when necessary.
  10. Listen. If your employees are voicing concerns, listen and address their worries. If they don’t feel heard, they WILL stop caring.

Employee burnout is avoidable. Be reasonable in your expectations. Show your employees you value them, are listening to them, and that you understand that they are people.

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