Searching for a job? Maybe you’ve exhausted yourself posting your resume with online job boards. Or maybe your eyes are glazing over at yet another cover letter. 

There is a better way to take your career to the next level. 

Partnering with a recruiter can help you elevate your career, land an exciting new opportunity, and achieve your personal and professional goals. Here are three tips to help you maximize your recruiter relationship: 

  1. Be honest. Whether you’re discussing your background, skills or goals, be completely honest with your recruiter. If you embellish your experience or skills, it will catch up with you – and may very well set your career back a few steps. Not the direction you want to follow! When you are honest with your recruiter, he or she can both “sell” your greatest strengths and assets to potential employers, as well as provide opportunities to enhance your skills through temporary assignments or online skills testing and training.
  2. Be an active participant. Yes, your recruiter is there to help find the best match between your background and skills, and an available career opportunity. But, that doesn’t mean you should take a backseat in your career planning. Be an active participant in your recruiter relationship. Check-in to let your recruiter know of any updates in your situation, contact your recruiter after any interviews and don’t be afraid to continue searching for career opportunities. 
  3. Be patient. Your recruiter may very well have the perfect opportunity for you, right off the bat. But the right opportunity may take awhile. Be sure to note #2, and don’t rest on your laurels, but also be sure to give the process time, and be patient. Your recruiter is searching for the best match between your specific skills and background, and the needs of an organization. If you’re looking for a specific opportunity within an industry, organization or area of expertise, the process may take even longer. Be patient and allow your recruiter to do his or her job. 

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