In an uncertain economy, many employers are concerned about employee retention. Retention is a critical part of every business, but when employees become too comfortable, they can feel a little too comfortable – leading to increased absenteeism.

Don’t let the absenteeism bug take over your office!

There are several legitimate causes of absenteeism. Colds and flus happen. Personal emergencies happen. And your business should be ready to handle those fluctuations. Here are a few ways to cut down on unnecessary absenteeism.

  1. Improve employee satisfaction. We recently addressed ways to increase employee satisfaction in the workplace. Implement some of these strategies, and you’re satisfied, engaged employees will be much less likely to miss work.
  2. Put hand sanitizer at every desk. Seriously! If you’ve ever worked in an office, you have seen how quickly a cold or flu bug can sweep through your entire team. Keep some hand sanitizer at every desk, and encourage employees to use it. Sanitize common areas like copiers, printers and break rooms. A little spending here goes a long way toward keeping your employees from getting sick and missing work.
  3. Start an employee wellness plan. Employees who are fit and healthy are less likely to get sick and miss work. Plus, instituting an employee wellness plan adds another benefit to working with you – adding to your benefits, and leading to increased employee retention.
  4. Have a clear policy. When you hire new employees, make sure that your vacation and personal time policy is clearly stated. When you define time off up front, you are less likely to encounter problems down the line.
  5. Don’t create unrealistic expectations. Once you have a policy in place, don’t forget that people have lives outside of the office. And things can come up from time to time. If your office can survive without an employee from time to time, be flexible when you can. You’ll end up with happier employees, who are more invested in their jobs.

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