Research has shown that employees who are engaged and invested in their work produce better results. While stress is a constant factor in every aspect of our lives, and not just in the workplace, employers can decrease stress and increase productivity by providing recognition opportunities for their employees.

[Insert Excuse Here]
Let’s see, where to begin…It’s too expensive. I don’t have the time. No one would buy into it anyway.

There’s plenty of excuses not to start throwing a little praise and decreasing stress around your workplace. Forget the excuses and take these tips as incentive to get started on your own plan:

1. Show some appreciation. Telling an employee “Nice job,” and giving a nice pat on the back is the most simple – and yet possibly the most effective, way to show some appreciation. Plus, when employees are stressed, one of the first things that can come to mind is that, “I’m not appreciated,” or “This place doesn’t care about me.” Take the 30 seconds needed to thank your employees for a job well done and reap the benefits of your investment.

2. Bribe them with food. Okay, we are not condoning bribes. But, who doesn’t like a nice lunch once in awhile?  Are your employees burning through the day and eating at their desks? Lunch is an essential part of the day. Not just for food, but for balance and opportunity to de-stress. Make lunches out mandatory, at least once a week. Encourage your employees to grab lunch together. Sure, they’ll likely grouse about work and let off some steam, but believe it or not, a little grousing never hurt anyone. Venting and relaxing as a team are good for morale, and will help your employees be refreshed and raring to go for the afternoon.

3. Let them work in their pajamas. It’s probably best to elaborate on this. Pajamas at work are not the best idea in the world; however, flexible work schedules can provide ways for your employees to increase productivity and work in their pajamas (at home, that is!). Whether it’s working from home a few days each week, or working longer, and therefore less, days each week, show your employees you trust them to do their jobs and let them work when and where they want, within reason.

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