Get the most out of LinkedInHere on the Masiello Employment Services blog, we’ve spent some time discussing the benefits of using LinkedIn, and hopefully you’ve taken the necessary steps to establish your presence on the potent professional networking site.

But is your profile enough?

To get the most out of LinkedIn, you’ll need more than a half-completed profile and a few connections. Maximize this valuable resource and extend your professional network with these five tips:

  1. Complete your profile. Maybe you filled in a few past jobs and connected with a few former co-workers, but is your profile 100% complete? LinkedIn has a convenient indicator on the top right after you log in, and it will let you know just how “complete” your profile really is. If your profile is below 90% complete, then you’re making it harder for colleagues and potential employers to find you! Get in there and include all your past employment, use keyword-rich descriptions, and use your profile to “sell” your skills and background.
  2. Add LinkedIn to your “real” life. Meet some new professionals at a conference or networking event? As soon as you can, send an invite to connect on LinkedIn. Just get off a client call? Send out that invite! LinkedIn should be an extension of your “real” life, and it provides a great way to continue connecting with people after you’ve met face-to-face.
  3. Get the word out. Now that your profile is complete and you’re ready to use it as a valuable networking tool, spread the word! A great place to start is your email signature. Add a link to connect to all your outgoing emails (depending on your email program, you can set this up to be automatically added to all outgoing emails). On your other social media profiles, put a link to your LinkedIn profile where it is easy to find. And don’t forget your business card!
  4. Develop your personal brand. In many ways, your LinkedIn profile is a more well-rounded resume. Besides including your educational and professional backgrounds, it gives you an opportunity to develop your own personal brand, and present yourself precisely how you’d like to be seen to colleagues, clients and potential employers.
  5. Be active. LinkedIn groups are a great way to meet other people in your area of interest, in your local area, or professionals who are in similar positions. But don’t just join groups, post in them! Posting in LinkedIn groups can be a great way to demonstrate your expertise and bring “life” to your profile. Spending just a few minutes each day posting in relevant LinkedIn groups can help you connect with hundreds of new people.

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