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Masiello Employment Services Featured in National Staffing Magazine for Safety

Masiello Employment Services received the WRC Certification (Workers Comp Certification) in July 2010.  Since then our team has focused on providing clean and safe work environments for our employees. This has had tremendous positive impact on our employees, our clients and our bottom line. Recently we were featured in a national staffing magazine for our [...]

Job Seekers Improve Soft Skills with WorkReady NH

WorkReady NH helps job-seekers improve their skills and add a nationally recognized credential to their resume. WorkReady NH helps companies foster a skilled workforce, and find qualified applicants and employees. The program provides assessment, instruction and credentialing in key skill areas, identified by employers as essential to workplace success. WorkReady NH will: Assess job-seekers’ basic [...]

Are you maximizing your LinkedIn profile?

Here on the Masiello Employment Services blog, we’ve spent some time discussing the benefits of using LinkedIn, and hopefully you’ve taken the necessary steps to establish your presence on the potent professional networking site. But is your profile enough? To get the most out of LinkedIn, you’ll need more than a half-completed profile and a [...]

Stressed at Work? It’s About Time You Relaxed!

As much as we like our jobs, from time to time we all encounter some workplace stress. And when you feel stressed at work, it only compounds itself. Before you know it, you’re a tense, grumpy wreck. Don’t become the office grump. These six tips are low-cost, easy ways to relax at work. Try a [...]

Have You Been Fired? Don’t Let It Stall Your Career.

Sometimes people get fired. It happens, and while it certainly isn’t the most desired outcome, it doesn’t have to mean the end of your career. If you’ve managed to avoid discussing your previous employers in job interviews, consider yourself lucky. It will come up eventually, and when it does, you had better be prepared. You [...]