Excerpted from an email sent earlier to the team at Masiello Employment:

Good Morning,

I wanted to let you all know of the great efforts that were made a few months ago to aid the community.   United Way put together a fund drive to benefit many area programs which give so much to those in need around the Monadnock area. Sherryl Bemis took the initiative and accepted one of the Loaned Employees from the drive and together they kicked off a great campaign here in the office. We were able to have a kick-off party and learn a bit about the participants such as those in need of mental health and housing services. Sherryl continued her efforts to host a raffle to all our employees over the 2 week drive to raise more money for the United Way.

Last night we attended the end of the season awards ceremony and accepted 2 awards! One, the Gold award is given to companies which achieved $100 or more per captia and the Trailblazer Award which is given to companies who achieve the highest per capita giving in the 1st year of the employee campaign.

This wouldn’t have been possible without the contributions of all who gave and the wonderful efforts of Sherryl to educate and motivate us all through the campaign!

As they say at the United Way …. “The Winner is…. All of Us” ! Great job!

Have a great day!

Branch Manager

Keene NH Office