The truth is out thereWho isn’t nervous during a job interview? Interviews can be incredibly stressful and intimidating. A lack of information due to common job myths can handicap you, and lead to additional, unnecessary stress.

Let’s debunk some myths!

Avoid unnecessary stress in your interviews, by reading up on the following job interview myths:

1. There’s a “right” answer to interview questions.
Believe it or not, the interviewer is not likely to be searching for a particular answer during your interview. Interviewers are typically paying attention to how you respond and react to the question, rather than your actual words.

2. The most qualified person automatically gets the job.
If this were true, why even bother with the interviewing process? The truth is, there are likely dozens, if not hundreds, of people applying to a single job position. If it came down to a matter of qualifications only, the hiring process would be much simpler. Most employers are searching for a combination of skills, traits and education. Personality and corporate culture can also figure into hiring decisions.

3. Candidates should always accept offers of refreshment.
Imagine you’ve interviewed six candidates in the last eight hours, asking many of the same questions each time. Interviewing can be very draining, and most interviewers want to be done with the process. When you’ve entered the office, ready to begin, and you’re offered a beverage, do you really think that interviewer wants to get back up and prepare you a cup of coffee?

4. Your interviewer is experienced and trained in how to interview.
You may be interviewing with a human resources professional, but in all likelihood, you are interviewing with a manager or co-worker from within the department. How can you use this to your advantage? Give concrete, specific details and examples in your responses, not long-winded, canned responses.

5. Keep your answers short.
Many job seekers think that it’s best to keep their answers short in interviews, so that the interview moves quickly. In reality, interviewers likely hope that your answer will be long and informative, so they don’t have to come up with another question! Don’t squander an opportunity to sell yourself for the position. Now is the time to put all your research and background information on the company to use. Experts suggest interviewees should be talking during about 2/3 of the interview, so make sure you have plenty to say once you get there?

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