Standing out from the pack in a sea of resumes can be one great way to land your next job. We understand that; however, do not be tempted by resume buzzwords. Sure, they sound exciting at first, and you might even think they give your resume a little…pizzazz. But resume buzzwords can be deadly!

Banish the buzzwords!


Sure, they might seem like a good idea at the time, but resume (and LinkedIn profile) buzzwords can take your resume from the top of the pile to the trash (or recycle) bin. Last year, LinkedIn reviewed its profiles and identified the top 10 most overused buzzwords included by its members. Now, take a deep breath and take a look at your resume…are any of them included (it’s okay, they’ve crept on to many resumes in their time!)?

Stay at the top of the pile and help land your next job by avoiding these overused buzzwords:


1. “I have extensive experience.”
Relevant is experience is definitely a good thing. But “extensive” doesn’t tell a hiring manager much at all. How many years of direct experience do you have? Do you have relevant experience elsewhere? Get into the details here, and talk about what it is that makes your experience so very “extensive.”

2. “I’m a results-oriented professional.”
Have you ever gone into work thinking, “Today, I really hope that I don’t accomplish anything?” Probably pretty unlikely. And if you’re looking for work, it’s a safe bet that you’re really hoping to accomplish some results. So then tell us, what exactly do you mean by “results-oriented?” This term has little to no meaning, which means it has zero value on your resume. Instead, focus on your actual results. What results have you generated for your previous employers? Take a look at it this way. Think of, “What did you accomplish,” rather than, “Did you accomplish anything?”

3. “I’m a team-player.”
Think back to your grade school years. Weren’t you always taught to get along with others? In that regard, yet again this term doesn’t help you stand out from the pack, but fit right in the middle. Instead, think about what ways you helped your employers by working as part of a team. Or maybe you took some initiative and lead your team. Give concrete examples of your accomplishments, and you’re sure to impress.

4. “I’m a real problem-solver.”
Seeing a pattern? Overused buzzwords aren’t necessarily buzzwords at all, they’re useful information – when you can back them up. Did you encounter a difficult problem, or an area of improvement, and take the opportunity to improve the situation? How did you overcome it? What was the result? The more details you can give, the better.

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