It can be a tough market for job seekers out there. The economy is up and down, with no clear end in sight. And traditional job search methods can result in your resume ending up in a heap of dozens — or even hundreds.

Your next job might be in the “hidden” job market.

You may find your next job applying to an online posting…fighting against hundreds of other candidates to hopefully stand out and get called in for an interview. Or, you can up your chances and tap into the “hidden” job market with these three tips:

  • Do some research. Try to help companies in need. But what do they need? Why, you, of course! Put in some leg work and do research on prospective employers. Research their history and current challenges, then, send them a letter (even better, a letter sent via courier) where you carefully prove how hiring you can solve one (or more) of their workforce challenges. You will prove your immediate worth and ability to impact their organization, in a much more powerful way than a few bullet points on a resume.
  • Elevate your confidence level. Confidence is key – that’s one you’ve probably heard. But how about taking ownership of the position for which you’re applying? Show some initiative and put together a business card and brochure with both your information, and your prospective employer’s information. By demonstrating your knowledge of the company, and your recognition of how your strengths will lend themselves to on-the-job results, you’ll display a confidence that outpaces any interviewee.
  • Get creative. After awhile, all cover letters and resumes can start to look the same to hiring managers. Try to present yourself in a unique way to prospective employers. Instead of a cover letter, how about a press release announcing your hire, touting your background and strengths? If you’ve never written a press release, a simple online search can provide you with the resources you need to get started. Instead of a simple one-page resume, how about a visual representation of your resume? The possibilities go as far as your creativity can take you!

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